Friday, October 7, 2016

Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts

Where to begin? The Nina, or Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts, as it is officially known, is a place unlike any other.
The Nina operates on the (sage, wise, TRUE!) assumption that developmentally disabled people are intelligent, able, and most of all, in terms of what The Nina does, artistic. The Nina provides studio space, show space, and a venue for sales to artists who are developmentally disabled.
My family, for those who don't know us, is blended. My biological children and I are autistic. Our entire blended family loves art. My oldest stepson is in his third year of a fine arts degree. My partner's dear friend's recently deceased sister (watch for the Tiger Family Fund to be featured to learn about an amazing woman gone far too soon) was a founding supporter and fundraiser for The Nina. My partner and I are going to The Nina's annual fundraiser as our anniversary and my birthday outing. In our world, all roads lead to The Nina.

That's my attachment to The Nina. The Vision Statement provided on the Centre's website elucidates The Nina better than I can:

Please join me in donating to The Nina, (scroll through the list to find The Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts) a centre for the arts with no equal, a place where people with developmental disabilities are treated as equals. Such treatment is rare. Such an organization is rare.

Please also visit The Nina's gorgeous website. There's so much magnificent art to see and so many ways to support the artists.

I am madly in love with several pieces for sale right now (I bought a glass piece for my partner last year for Christmas.

For a sampling, if you've not got time to visit the site, here are some stunning pieces. I have fallen in love with them (the work, not the artists. I haven't met the artists. Just clarifying!)

Dragon by Jaymee Howarth

Lobster in the Sea by Desiree McCook

Silver and Black by Kim Hung Ho

Please also consider joining us for The Nina's annual fundraiser on November 2nd. Details are on the website.

Once again, thank you for celebrating my birthday with me!

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