Monday, October 17, 2016


Jen wrote this post as well, about JTMF West, a memorial fund into which our dear friend Joyce LaBriola pours her heart and soul:

Today's organization is one Kim and I love and support in large part because it is the heart-child of Joyce LaBriola - If you don't know Joyce, I feel sad for you, because she is one of Edmonton's biggest powerhouses. She makes amazing things happen, everywhere she goes. She is a gorgeous light and we are lucky to call her a good friend.
JTMF West came to be because Joyce lost someone to complications from the AIDS virus. And she turned that loss into a major fundraising initiative that supports agencies who, in turn, support street involved youth and other communities at increased risk of exposure to the AIDS virus.
Here's more info about JTMF West and where you can donate, if this is your cause.
Also, they have a SUPER FUN event coming up and you could support them, and have a BLAST by buying tickets, here:…
More about the event here:
Little known fact: Kim and I had our very first date at a JTMF fundraising event. The rest, as they say, is history.

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