Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Elizabeth Fry Society of Edmonton

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Edmonton works with women and girls who are, or are at risk of, becoming criminalized. They have amazing staff I've connected with (in past work) to provide assistance to women and girls facing barriers and stigma around criminal records or suspicion of such.

They offer programs that range from court support to reintegration, empowerment for girls to employment services programs. There is no organization like "E Fry," as they are known, in the city. For women and girls connected to or potentially connected to the court system, corrections, incarceration, there is E Fry and no one else. E Fry does amazing work, so thank goodness that if there is a one and only it is them!

Please support this vital organization. As a friend I met in prison once said, "We were all little girls once with dreams. None of us dreamt of growing up to be drug addicts or prostitutes or murderers." (I'm paraphrasing, as but the point is there.)

Our society fails so many people, perhaps those who end up incarcerated are failed the worst of all.

Please donate with me today.  (This is a list of charities who will be featured in the lead up to my 40th, please scroll down to find Elizabeth Fry Society.)

Also, check out the E Fry website. There is a bottle drive for the month of October. If finances are tight, consider taking your empties to them!

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