Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hope Mission

Hope Mission provides programs and services to people at site across Alberta. The offer holiday meals, a mobile support unit for people in crisis, shelters, assistance and wraparound support for long-term housing, addictions supports... the list goes on.

Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, and Wetaskiwin all have a Hope Mission presence. I've served dinner at Hope Mission; the name really is eponymous. Hope fills the air; people who are the most under-resourced and struggling with multiple, debilitating barriers, offer smiles and welcome.

I've said of other inner city agencies; those who have the least materially and know pain and suffering the most intensely are so very often the ones who are the most generous with what really matters: genuine human kindness.

Hope Mission fosters hope and resiliency. Though it has a religious foundation, Hope Mission does not require religious affiliation or turn away people who practice a religion different than their own. (I'm, as my Nana lovingly says, her little heathen, and I've never been greeted with anything but respect and love at Hope.)

A number of charities supporting homeless and street-involved people are on my list of 40 charities. Each and every one is a gift to this city (and in the case of Hope Mission, to others as well.)

Please join me with a gift for Hope Mission to celebrate my 40th birthday. Financial gifts can be made here (as with all other charities hosted by, please scroll through the list I've assembled to locate Hope Mission.) Many volunteer hours are needed and in-kind donations are likewise desperately needed; whatever you are able to give-- time, money, clothing, toiletries-- all are graciously accepted.

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