Thursday, October 6, 2016

Edmonton Food Bank

Did you know that almost 20 000 people per month receive hampers from the Food Bank?
Did you know that over 500 000 meals per month are provided by agencies who get their food from the Food Bank?
Did you know that over 40% of food recipients are under the age of 18?

This is unacceptable. In a nation with such abundant wealth, in the 5th largest municipality in the nation, we have the resources for people to be fed.

Hampers can be collected once a month and are intended to last for 4-5 days. The Food Bank can't meet the demand. 25-26 days people using hampers have to find other means to eat.

Food, clothing, and shelter are considered the most basic of necessities for life (there are others- safety, health, etc.) Food should not be conditional. People need food to survive at the most basic level.

My family supports the Edmonton Food Bank regularly. Above is a photo of our daughter donating food (including a turkey, to her delight) for a Thanksgiving meal using half the money she received as a birthday gift.

She, my stepson, and I volunteer annually at the Heritage Festival, collecting food and financial donations for the Food Bank. Both of them have requested gift cards for grocery stores as gifts so they can donate to the Food Bank.

Our children inspire me. They have been volunteering and donating for years, since both were in elementary school. I suggested volunteering once and they have asked for the rest.

If children can see the need and act on it, so can we all. No one should go hungry. Please join me in donating to the Edmonton Food Bank today. (Scroll through the list for Edmonton Food Bank.)

For more information on the invaluable service the Food Bank provides to our city, please visit their website:

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  1. Thank you, Laura, for your donation!!! Laura is a friend of Kim's partner; she does not live in Edmonton and Kim has never met her. What a generous act!!!